Monday, October 12, 2015

'Pirates of the Caribbean' Made Zoe Saldana Want to Quit Acting, But Don't Let That Ruin the Film

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl almost ruined Zoe Saldana's career—but not for the reason you'd think. She wasn't ashamed of the caliber of the movie or her role in it (she played a ship captain, in case you forgot). Rather the behind the scenes politics of Pirates of the Caribbeanalmost made Zoe Saldana quit acting for good.
As Disney just confirmed there will be a 5th installment to the series (nearly 20 years after the first one came out) a lot of people point to the success of the first film as the starting point for the franchise. Unlike other Disney ride-to-movie attempts, it didn't flop, but was a box office hit. In fact a lot of times people are quick to state it was the only good one in the bunch. But now it's being revealed by Saldana that the success of the film was built on the backs of behind the scenes bickering that drove Saldana to nearly throw in the towel.
"Those weren't the right people for me—I'm not talking about the cast," the actress told the Hollywood Reporter. "The cast was great. I'm talking about the political stuff that went on behind closed doors. It was a lot of above-the-line versus below-the-line, extras versus actors, producers versus PAs."
I'm glad she praised the cast because it would be a shame to hear Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom were jerks offscreen, but it's too bad to hear she had such a negative experience. Saldana then further discussed the behind the scenes politics:
"It was very elitist. I almost quit the business. I was 23 years old, and I was like, 'F*** this!' I am never putting myself in this situation again. People disrespecting me because they look at my number on a call sheet and they think I'm not important. F*** you."
Yikes. Well, I'm sorry to spoil the only good Pirates of the Caribbean movie for you, but it's important to know what the film was propped up on. But go ahead and still love Captain Jack Sparrow, because Johnny Depp is still great and he's definitely the reason I'm going to see Pirates of the Caribbean 5. (I know, I know.)
Meanwhile Zoe Saldana can rejoice in having gotten out of that franchise before it tanked completely because her career is showing no signs of stopping. So screw those PAs, extras, and producers who may have been mean to Saldana. She's doing better than any of them now anyway. Good for her for sticking it out.


‘Pirates Of The Caribbean 5:’ Jim Carrey May Replace Johnny Depp, Zoe Saldana In A Female Lead Role
The famous actor Johnny Depp is said to have been seen for the last time in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.” He was rarely seen on the shooting floor in Australia. If he exits, then who is going to take the role of Captain Jack Sparrow? Read below to get a scoop of it.
Depp’s recent marriage with Amber Heard is reportedly having lot of problems and this is one of the reasons why he is rarely seen shooting for the fifth installation of “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, although he has battled a recent injury. Oppositely, Heard’s dog smuggling case is another reason for slowing down the production. The movie was supposed to be released in the summer of 2015.
Earlier the 52-year old Depp was on the edge of losing his life while shooting for the movie “The Lone Ranger.” He was riding a horse when unexpectedly the saddle turned loose and he was thrown from the reigns and fiercely dragged by the horse for 25 yards.
According to New York Daily News, Depp “does not want to be there” and his mood “is not doing much” for the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.” The production team has reportedly blamed Depp and his wife Heard for making drama that has compelled Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg to postpone the film’s release to July 7, 2017.
“People are saying that he is checked out. He literally will come on set momentarily, deliver his lines and then leave. Some people are saying that he’s barely phoning it in,” the website reported.
Hiring a new actor for his place will be a big problem for Disney Studios as something new has to be figured out. According to Youth Health, Jim Carrey was one of the actors Disney proposed before the casting of Depp, and once Depp gives up, Carrey could be called in for the role.
A rumor also broke out that “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” could feature a female lead and Zoe Saldana possibly could play the role as she has inscribed her superior performance in Hollywood for the movies “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Colombiana.”
According to Top Ten Real Estate, Johnny Depp is selling his $25 million private estate (an entire village) in the French Riviera.
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